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                           1.                        INITIATION OF THE CAMPAIGN

                                                     Together Scripting the Rise of a New India

                           2.                        POPULAR PARTICIPATION

                                                     Celebrating the Stories of Transition

                           3.                        PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES CONTRIBUTING TO THE MOVEMENT
                                                     Minimum Government, Maximum Governance

                           4.                       UNIQUE INFORMATION

                                                    Watershed Moments

                           5.                        INSPIRATIONAL MOMENTS FROM THE CAMPAIGN

                                                     Resolve to Transform

                           6.                        POPULAR BUZZ

                                                     News Highlights from the Stories of a Changing India

                           7.                        DATA AND STATISTICS OF THE CAMPAIGN

                                                     Some Facts and Figures

                           8.                        SUMMARY

                                                     Transforming India with Transformative Ideas
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